Prof. H. B. Patel


  Academic leader, supervisor, planner, executor, evaluator, report writer, teacher trainer, communicator, public relation officer,      

  ICT friendly, quick-witted, goal-driven, editor of journals, personnel motivator, capacity building programme organizer, 

  dynamic and positive personality. Experience in international, multi-cultural environments. A very sensitive and realistic 

  approach to organizational issues.


  To carry out research work in the field of education

  To create good professionals in the field of education

  To organize different educational and social programmes for the betterment of the community and students

  To provide such an academic environment that institute will excel in its field


  Excellent communicative skill

  ICT skill

  Teamwork skill

  Organisational and planning skill

  Academic leadership, management and administration skill

  Supervisory skill

  Result Oriented Woking skill

  Applying Expertise skill

  Analyzing skill

  Event management skill

  Coping with Pressure and Setbacks skill

  Critical Evaluation skill



 Knowledge sharing and continuous improvement

Professional & Academic Experience

      Registrar (Offg.), Central University of Gujarat

      Dean, School of Education, Central University of Gujarat

 ✓     Former Dean of Student Welfare (DSW), Central University of Gujarat

 ✓     Former Public Relation Officer (I/C), Central University of Gujarat

      Former Director-General of Grow More Group Institutions (Ann additional position)

      Former Principal in Grow More College of Education, Himmatnagar, Gujarat

     Former Lecturer and I/C Principal in Grow More College of Education, Himmatnagar, Gujarat

      Former Lecturer and I/C Principal in Samarth College of Education, Himmatnagar from 

      Former Lecturer and I/C Principal in JG College of Education, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

      Former Shikshan Sahayak (Teacher) in Girdharnagar Shahibaug High School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Educational & Professional Qualification

  M. A.(English Literature)



                                                                          Ph.D. in Education

                                                                                                         Certificate Course in Computer


Areas of Academic Interest/ Specialization

  Meta Analyses

  Educational Policy Analyses

  Women Education 

  Entrepreneurship in Education 

  Gender Education 

  International & Comparative Education 

  Educational Research

  Capacity Building Programme in Education 

  Curriculum Development

  Educational Administration & Management 

  Educational Evaluation & Measurement 

  ICT in Education 

  Teacher Education


Research Supervisor

  Ph. D. in Education

  M.Phil. in Education


International Level Talk/ Lecture/ Session Chaired 








  Czech Republic








  Published more than 15 Books

Papers Presented at Local/ State/ National/ International Level 

  Presented more than 65

Published in Referred Journals

  Published more than 33


  Winner of the Best Research Paper at International Conference 

  Winner of the Best Research Paper at ISAC’s 3rd International Conference 

Honoured by H.E. the Governor of Gujarat

  Twice Honoured as the Torch Bearer in Education by HE the Governor of Gujarat for the year 2015 and 2016

Committee Member of International Conference

  ✓   ECMLG 2015 by Military Academy Lisbon, Portugal from 12-13 Nove 2015

  ✓    ECRM 2016 by Kingston Business School, London from 9-10 June 2016

  ✓    ICMLG 2016 by Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, St.Petersburg, Russia from 14-15 April 2016

Co-organizer of International Conference

 ✓  Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University, Educational and Research Institute of Foreign Philology, Dept of Foreign  

      Languages and Modern Teaching Techniques 13thApril, 2016

 ✓  World LUMEN Congress 2016- Universality Mentality Education Novelty organized by LUMEN, Iasi & Suceava,

      Romania from 12th–17th April 2016

 ✓  2nd International Conference of CEE on MEPDEV2016 organised by LUMEN at Targoviste, Romania from 17 to 

      19 November 2016

 ✓   Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University, Educational and Research Institute of Foreign Philology, Dept of Foreign  

       Languages and Modern Teaching Techniques, April, 2017

 ✓  Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University, Educational and Research Institute of Foreign Philology, Dept of Foreign 

       Languages and Modern Teaching Techniques April, 2018

 ✓ Indo-Ukraine Conference on Language Education organised by Grow More College of Education, Himatnagar, 

      Gujarat, India on 3rd August 2016

 ✓  Indo-Hungarian Conference organised by Grow More College of Education, Himatnagar, Gujarat, India on 5th


Member at International Level

  ✓   As one of the Blind Review Committee Members of ECMLG-2015 from 12-13November2015, Lisbon, Portugal. 

       (Reviewed Two papers).

  ✓  As one of the Blind Review Committee Members   of ICMLG-2016 from 14-15April 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia.

       (Reviewed one paper).

  ✓  As one of the Blind Review Committee Members 5th International Conference on Management, Leadership and  

       Governance from 16- 17 March 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Professional Membership

  ✓  Member of AIAER

  ✓   Member of Council for Teacher Education (CTE)

  ✓   Member of EFCTA

  ✓   Secretary of EFCTA for the year 2005-06

  ✓   Vice President of EFCTA for the year 2006-07

  ✓   Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

  ✓    WERA Task Force Global Research for Extended Education

MoUs Signed

     MOU with Horizon Christian School, USA

     MOU with LUMEN, Romania

     MOU with Ivan Franko University, Zhytomyr

     MOU with EDI

     MOU with YAMAHA Motors Pvt. Ltd. 

     MoU with IIT B Resource Center for ICT 

     MoU with Super Resource Center agreement with IIT-B 

     MoU with MGCUni. 

     MoU with NFSU 

     MoU with CUHP

Community Activities

Successfully conducting Green Audit/ Blood Donation Camp/ Tree Plantation/ Aids Awareness/ Cleanliness Campaign/ Traffic Awareness/ Health Awareness, etc. 

National Government Project

ü  Center for Policy Research in Education and

ü  Centre for Professional Development of Teacher Educators under PMMMNMTT, a scheme by the Department of      

    Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India are headed by me in the capacity 

    of the Project Director.

ü  From 5th September, 2023, PMMMNMTT was re-named as MMC (Malaviya Mission Center)

Language Proficiency

English                                 Hindi                         Gujarati 


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